Dance Vitality At Can-Am Dance Championship 2017

Summer is such a busy time for competitive dancers.
Traveling is easier with warm weather and every city you visit offers more to enjoy during the event. Also you get a chance to travel with more purpose then one. Rumba, Salsa ,Waltz , restaurants outside , sightseeing, sunshine on the beach .

This is why we always love Can-Am , one of the most established events in Toronto , Canada. It’s our home town which invites guests from all over the world to compete in Ballroom and Latin dances in the end of July. It’s in downtown Hilton Hotel so it gives a lot of things to explore outside of ballroom within a walking distance.

For our professional champions Dmitry and Kateryna it’s is a very memorable event. One of the first that they started to compete at and every year passed they upped results. From 1st. In Rising Star Professional Smooth category to , final , runners up and at last Champions in Open Professional Smooth in 2017.

Dance Vitality has a good showing of amateur dancers at Can-Am every year . Most of Dance Vitality participants come to stage to be presented with winnings ,top teacher and top student awards

This year was not an exception.
Huiying Wang , business women and health therapist in her daily life transforms into to a vivid Latin dancer or elegant Ballroom girl in beautiful dresses by our famous Toronto designers Bobby and Sally Acbarali.
Complemented by hairstyle and julierie.
She won in all categories she was participates . Including scholarships in Smooth and Latin.

Grace Mi only competes in Smooth but very successfully. Coming on top places in Silver categories. This talented dancer has a lot of grace and fitness about everything she is trying herself at and also designs her own outfits.

Usually competing in both Latin and Smooth our very well known “firecracker” Sherry Dong chose to only do Smooth this time around. Well, since both styles were on the same day she definitely saved some of that so needed energy to compete at night in Open Smooth Scholarship with Dmitry Ilyushenov. 1st. Place. Well deserved! This is one more step on becoming top dancer of Canada in 2017.

On behalf of Dance Vitality we say thank you to organizers of Can-Am dancesport championships: Ann Harding, John Karakis , Brigitte Mayer and Lisa MacLaggan ,and all the students and teachers competed or supported us.

Thank you and can’t wait do dance again!!!

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