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How to Start Ballroom Dancing
1. Pick a style of ballroom dancing Do you want to be dancing socially, or are you interested in competing? Maybe you’d like to learn how to do a few basic, casual steps for an upcoming event. Your personal expectations will help guide you in finding the dance instruction that is right for you. 2.… Read More »How to Start Ballroom Dancing
Dance Vitality Water
Sports Drinks for Ballroom dance
Dancers sweat, just like any other kind of athlete. It is very important for dancers to replace fluids lost by sweating in order to keep their bodies well hydrated. Even dehydration in its most mild form can negatively affect performance. Did you know that by the time you feel thirsty you are actually already dehydrated?… Read More »Sports Drinks for Ballroom dance
Dance Vitality's History of Dance
The History of Ballroom Dance
The term “ballroom dance” comes from the Latin word ballare, which means “to dance”. In the past, ballroom dance was like “social dance” for the privileged into the result in “folk dances” for various population groups and classes. Gradually, of course, all these boundaries have been erased. The term “ball” refers to a pair of… Read More »The History of Ballroom Dance
Welcome Robert Feltham To Our Dance Family
We want to Welcome Robert Feltham To Our Dance Family!
Robert Feltham only started to dance with Kateryna recently and since they’ve worked hard to get ready to compete. After Robert’s long break & broken ankle recovery, he is finally back to dancing and Kateryna is his dance teacher and Pro-Am dance partner. They recently competed at the Extravaganza Dance Sport Championship and Le Chic… Read More »We want to Welcome Robert Feltham To Our Dance Family!
Dance Vitality's Kateryna & Dmitry Canadian Champions
Kateryna & Dmitry Win 1st Place at Canadian Ballroom Championships
In Toronto, November 1, 2014, Kateryna Stytsenko & Dmitry Ilyushenov, Won 1st place at the Canadian Dance Sport Championship in American Smooth dance style and became Canadian Representatives to the world!!!! Leading up to this win, prior wins include: Crystal Leaf Dance Sport Championship, March 2014, 1st Place Can-am Dance sport Championship, July 2014, 1st… Read More »Kateryna & Dmitry Win 1st Place at Canadian Ballroom Championships
Dance Vitality Students Competing
Le Chic de la Danse Dance Sport Championship
Robert Feltham and Kateryna Stytsenko competed at “Le Chic de la Danse” Dance Sport Championship, in Montreal. Competing in the International Ballroom Division and under a live band provided so much energy and excitement, that we had no choice but to dance even better! Kateryna had the honour to be a representative on the Ontario… Read More »Le Chic de la Danse Dance Sport Championship
Dance Vitality Children & Youth Dance Lessons
Top 10 Benefits of Dance Classes for Children
For any parent, one of the primary concerns you might have will tend to revolve around your children’s fitness. While today we are more than happy to give our children access to technology early in life, and this can only be a good thing, it can lead to certain negative habits and traits. For example,… Read More »Top 10 Benefits of Dance Classes for Children
Dance Vitality at CAN-AM Dance Championships
CAN-AM Dance Sport Championship
We had a great time competing at Can-am dance sport championship! We Won 1st At Professional Rising Star Smooth! Thank you Bobby for making me such a beautiful dress and GSR photography studio for taking an awesome pictures! :)))))) -Katia and Dima
Dance Vitality - Dance Lessons for Kids
Ballroom Dancing is Ideal for Kids!
Ballroom dancing is the best choice for your Kids! You are at a crossroads: where to send your child – which sports or activities? Dancing for kids – sport and beauty at the same time! Ballroom dancing is the perfect choice for Your Kids. If You want Your child to be involved in an elite… Read More »Ballroom Dancing is Ideal for Kids!
Dance Vitality - Students Competing
Holiday Ballroom Dance Classic in Las Vegas in December 2014
What a wonderful time we had competing at Holiday Ballroom Dance Classic in Las Vegas! We had couples from all over the world competing. A lot of couples, great competitive atmosphere, surrounded with a lot of Xmas trees,lightening and flowers,which really kept a true Holiday Spirit throughout the event. That made us us feel really… Read More »Holiday Ballroom Dance Classic in Las Vegas in December 2014
Empire Dance Championship 2017
What a trip! Despite cancelled flights that followed by a sleepless night driving from Toronto to New York through the storm, all of us were on the dance floor in the first dance championship heats of the morning of Thursday. David, Kara-lee and Sherry were competing at their best all day long and still had… Read More »Empire Dance Championship 2017
NDCC Closed Canadian Championships 2017
Canadian National Championship this year was run in a  beautiful Lac Leamy near Ottawa. It was first time at this venue and we all really like it for space and atmosphere. National Dance Council of Canada took good care of all competitors giving them best experience they could have at competition of such rank. It… Read More »NDCC Closed Canadian Championships 2017
Dance Vitality’s Andrey & Roni Dancing Cha Cha Cha
Watch Andrey & Roni dancing the Cha Cha Cha at the Grand Prix Dance Championships in Toronto. If you want to learn more about Dance Vitality’s Kids Dance Programs, call us at (647) 895-8922 or visit
Toronto Open Dance Championship 2017
Congratulation to all Dance Vitality kids dancers for participating at a beautiful dance competition. They danced their best with lots of passion. Each  age category  had a specific dances like Cha cha, samba, Rumba, Jive – which called latin dances, or waltz, tango, foxtrot, quickstep v.waltz -are Ballroom dances. With atmosphere that organizers created we… Read More »Toronto Open Dance Championship 2017
How Dance Vitality Train Kids To Practice Dance
At the beginning of group dance class we really think its important for kids to warm up their bodies. At fist we train cardio to get kids body really warm by doing step by step, head to toe different moves: Neck and shoulders, arms and wrists ,hip and back ,legs and feet. Then we move… Read More »How Dance Vitality Train Kids To Practice Dance
Dance Vitality At Can-Am Dance Championship 2017
Summer is such a busy time for competitive dancers. Traveling is easier with warm weather and every city you visit offers more to enjoy during the event. Also you get a chance to travel with more purpose then one. Rumba, Salsa ,Waltz , restaurants outside , sightseeing, sunshine on the beach . This is why… Read More »Dance Vitality At Can-Am Dance Championship 2017
5 ThingsTo Know About Dance Studios before Joining
5 Things to Know about Dance Studios before Joining Choosing the right dance studio is crucial to learning your favorite moves and dance. Whether it’s the traditional ballet, the classical Kathak, tap, Irish step, bolero, waltz, the salsa or tango, the teacher and the studio play a major role in getting you to learn the… Read More »5 ThingsTo Know About Dance Studios before Joining
Come And Celebrate Dancing Day With Us
 World of Dance Celebration Dance Event organized by Kateryna Stytsenko and Dmitry Ilyushenov Dear friends! All information about event at the bottom of the page ,please scroll down. To perform dance show number is very common practice for competitive dancers. Audience like to watch competition but they love to see top professional couple on the… Read More »Come And Celebrate Dancing Day With Us
Check out memories from last year WOD Celebration
celebration of dance  trailer NEXT WORLD OF DANCE CELEBRATION COMING UP APRIL 14,2018 PINECREST EVENT CENTER call us for tickets and info 6478958922
Toronto Winter Ball 2017
The 2017 came to an end with Toronto Winter Ball Championship . It Took Place in beautiful Pan_Am centre in Markham. Organizers Inessa Strelnikova and Stanislav Kochergin put a lot of work to create the competitive atmosphere for dancers to enjoy their competition day. Dancevitality participated with pro -am students, who put so much work… Read More »Toronto Winter Ball 2017
Dance Vitality - Dance Lessons for Kids
Registration for 2018 -2019 for kids
Dear parents!!! Call to Register! We have few spots available for our  weekend kids  dance classes . New location Antibes Community Center- North york  Beginners kids Ages 4-6yo   –    Saturdays 4:30-5:15 pm, Sundays at 3:00pm-3:45pm  Beginners Kids Ages 7-10     –     Saturdays 3:00-4:30pm, Sundays 1:30pm -3:00pm Thornhill Location 39 Glen… Read More »Registration for 2018 -2019 for kids
World Of Dance Celebration March 23, 24- 2019
Don’t miss out on unforgettable evening of dance. The competition and show will take place on March 23,2019. Address : PINECREST EVENT CENTER, 17 Vanyl court, Woodbridge. Schedule for PRO_AM and Amateur Adults. DATE: March 23,2019. 10 am Start time. Pro-am  and Amateur Adult Rythm pro-am and Amateur Adult Latin Pro-am  and Amateur Adult Smooth… Read More »World Of Dance Celebration March 23, 24- 2019
World of Dance Celebration 2020 showcase and challenge


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“Katia and Dima have given me back years of youth by teaching me how to move and dance all styles of ballroom. They are as passionate and fun about their dancing as they are about teaching and I’ve progressed faster than I ever expected with them.” -Isabelle

“We are so impressed with Katia’s patience and dedication to teaching both of our children. They have gained so much confidence from every lesson and are having lots of fun in the process. I couldn’t think of a better decision for their future!” -Rose


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