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Toronto Winter Ball 2017

The 2017 came to an end with Toronto Winter Ball Championship . It Took Place in beautiful Pan_Am centre in Markham. Organizers Inessa Strelnikova and Stanislav Kochergin put a lot of work to create the competitive atmosphere for dancers to enjoy their competition day. Dancevitality participated with pro -am students, who put so much work […]

20180119 Flyer – WODC – B3

Come And Celebrate Dancing Day With Us

 World of Dance Celebration Dance Event organized by Kateryna Stytsenko and Dmitry Ilyushenov Dear friends! All information about event at the bottom of the page ,please scroll down. To perform dance show number is very common practice for competitive dancers. Audience like to watch competition but they love to see top professional couple on the […]


Toronto Open Dance Championship 2017

Congratulation to all Dance Vitality kids dancers for participating at a beautiful dance competition. They danced their best with lots of passion. Each  age category  had a specific dances like Cha cha, samba, Rumba, Jive – which called latin dances, or waltz, tango, foxtrot, quickstep v.waltz -are Ballroom dances. With atmosphere that organizers created we […]


Empire Dance Championship 2017

What a trip! Despite cancelled flights that followed by a sleepless night driving from Toronto to New York through the storm, all of us were on the dance floor in the first dance championship heats of the morning of Thursday. David, Kara-lee and Sherry were competing at their best all day long and still had […]

Dance Vitality's Kateryna & Dmitry Canadian Champions

Kateryna & Dmitry Win 1st Place at Canadian Ballroom Championships

In Toronto, November 1, 2014, Kateryna Stytsenko & Dmitry Ilyushenov, Won 1st place at the Canadian Dance Sport Championship in American Smooth dance style and became Canadian Representatives to the world!!!! Leading up to this win, prior wins include: Crystal Leaf Dance Sport Championship, March 2014, 1st Place Can-am Dance sport Championship, July 2014, 1st […]

Dance Vitality's History of Dance

The History of Ballroom Dance

The term “ballroom dance” comes from the Latin word ballare, which means “to dance”. In the past, ballroom dance was like “social dance” for the privileged into the result in “folk dances” for various population groups and classes. Gradually, of course, all these boundaries have been erased. The term “ball” refers to a pair of […]

Dance Vitality Water

Sports Drinks for Ballroom dance

Dancers sweat, just like any other kind of athlete. It is very important for dancers to replace fluids lost by sweating in order to keep their bodies well hydrated. Even dehydration in its most mild form can negatively affect performance. Did you know that by the time you feel thirsty you are actually already dehydrated? […]


How to Start Ballroom Dancing

1. Pick a style of ballroom dancing Do you want to be dancing socially, or are you interested in competing? Maybe you’d like to learn how to do a few basic, casual steps for an upcoming event. Your personal expectations will help guide you in finding the dance instruction that is right for you. 2. […]